Gamification Resource List

Save yourself countless hours of time and energy looking for the best resources on gamifying your health, work, relationships, and learning.

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    “This is the resource list I wish I had when starting my Gamification Journey.”


    Utrecht Netherlands

    What you get:

    • A curated list of my most popular content on gamification teaching you:
      • How to use gamification to become addicted to learning
      • How to use gamification to get into flow in your work and 10x productivity
      • How to make your real life into the most fun game imaginable negating the need for motivation
      • Secret BONUS:

    Hi, I'm Aidan

    I used to be addicted to video games like a fish is addicted to water.

    Now I have turned real life into a game. I have reignited my childhood curiosity and fallen back in love with learning. Having invested more than 1000+ hours into learning to gamify my health, work, relationships, and learning, I want to teach you what I've learned in a fraction of the time.

    This is the gamification resource list I wish I had 3 years ago.